Dundee woman thanks Good Samaritan after being hit by a car

Joan West

A Dundee woman has thanked the Good Samaritan who helped her after she was hit by a car and broke her knee.

Joan West, from Broughty Ferry, was at Barnhill Shopping Centre with her granddaughter.

The 64-year-old said as she was parking opposite the centre’s Iceland, she went to get her granddaughter Holly, aged three, out of the car and was struck by a vehicle.

She explained that the parking space beside her was free, so she opened the car door wide.

A woman then drove into the space and hit her, breaking her knee.

Joan said she will now spend the next three months in a knee brace,
describing the injury as “very painful”.

Speaking about the incident, she told the Tele: “I just do not understand how she couldn’t see me.

“I could not move and I was in shock.”

She said the Good Samaritan, who was in his fifties and was wearing a hat and a black jacket, came over and asked if she was OK.

She added: “I just want to say thank you for helping me.

“He took my granddaughter off me and put her in the car for me.

“She did get a fright — she was
wondering what had happened.”

She said the woman who hit her — believed to be in her seventies and driving a shiny green vehicle — got out of the car and asked if she was OK before leaving.

Joan continued: “I honestly couldn’t even talk.

“She was an older woman so maybe she got a fright as well.”

Speaking about her injury, the grandmother said: “Thankfully they did not have to operate — it is very painful.

“I have to keep my leg straight and I’m on strong painkillers.

“I cannot put any weight on it at

She said she managed to drive home afterwards but has no idea how.

Joan explained: “When I got home, I was in shock.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said they were aware of the incident, which happened on Thursday.