Dundee woman appealing for information on beloved British bulldog

Donna Bruff with Jeanie

A Dundee woman is appealing for information on the whereabouts of her beloved bulldog, Jeanie, amid fears the pet could be in poor health.

Donna Bruff, from St Mary’s, gave the three-year-old British bulldog away in December last year following the birth of her son Rudi.

Since then, the dog has allegedly appeared several times on online marketplace Gumtree, and Donna says she is now worried about the welfare of her beloved pet.

“I had a lot going on in my life, my dad had been ill and I’d just had a baby, so it became too much to keep Jeanie,” she said.

“Jeanie wasn’t settling much around the little one so I had to let her go. I’d had her since she was seven weeks old but my little boy had come first.

“I didn’t want take any chances as she was really spoiled and could be bit jealous, but it was heartbreaking to let her go.”

Donna Bruff with bulldog

Donna Bruff with bulldog 2

Donna said she gave the dog away to a man in Glasgow, who allegedly put the dog up for sale on Gumtree less than two weeks later – she now believes the dog could be in Cumbernauld.

In addition, Jeanie – who has a distinctive white mouth – has a number of allergies and aspiration pneumonia, which causes her breathing problems.

Donna said she didn’t necessarily want Jeanie back – only to make sure that she’s safe and healthy.

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Donna Bruff 2
Donna Bruff

The 29-year-old added: “I wish I’d taken screenshots because Jeanie looked as though she was all flared up and the place she was in didn’t have any carpets.

“If I thought for a second she was away to get passed about I would never have let her go.

“I want to find her to make sure she’s okay and with a good family.

“My little one is six months old now – Jeanie probably would have been great with him too.”

If you believe you recognise Jennie, email Donna on bruffy2011@hotmail.co.uk.