Dundee Utd game abandoned for ‘safety of the players’

Referee Craig Thomson

Dundee United’s clash at Queen of the South was abandoned at half-time by referee Craig Thomson for the “safety of the players” after the articifial surface began to freeze.

There were no indications as the first-half wore on that there were any issues despite the freezing temperatures but, at the break, Thomson inspected the pitch and then informed both managers that the game was being abandoned.

Thomson said: “When we started the game obviously the pitch was fine and there was a bit of give in the pitch but during the course of the first half the pitch started to freeze up.

“A number of players from both teams expressed a concern to me regarding turning when they were going at pace and whether they could stay on their feet.

“I had a look at it at half-time and, because it was only going to get worse, my decision for the safety of the players was to abandon the game.

“It’s never an easy decision, never a popular decision because I absolutely feel for both sets of spectators, particularly Dundee United fans who have travelled some distance to the match but the safety of the players is paramount and caused me to abandon the match.”

The score was 0-0 with United having dominated, creating a number of chances, but now they will have to travel south again for the rearranged fixture.