Dundee United fans’ groups raise concern over training ground sale

Members of Dundee United supporters’ groups have raised concern at the £1 million sale of the club’s Gussie Park training facility.

Stephen Thompson issued a letter to shareholders seeking approval of the sale to vice chairman Mike Martin.

As today’s news spread, a number of senior figures in some United fans’ groups expressed private concern to the Tele the move was little more than further evidence of the precarious position to which United have sunk.

They believe most, if not all, of the money that raised will be needed for immediate debt repayment, leaving little for future investment.

More detailed statements could be forthcoming from the groups once their members have had the chance to look at the proposal in more detail.

It’s highly unlikely the likes of Fans United, the Dundee United Supporters Foundation and the Federation of Dundee United Supporters Clubs will change their stated view there should be major changes in the United boardroom.