Dundee United chairman ‘blackmailed by teenager over affair claim’

Stephen Thompson

A 19-year-old Aberdeen woman has been accused of blackmailing Dundee United chairman Stephen Thompson.

Aisling Rose Ironside, of the city’s Nellfield Place, did not appear at Dundee Sheriff Court on Friday to face the allegations, which state she threatened to go to the media with details of an alleged affair if he did not pay her more than £500.

Mr Thompson was not present in court either and Ironside was not represented by an agent.

Depute fiscal Trina Sinclair moved that the case be continued without plea for three weeks to enable the Crown to establish that Ironside has been served with the citation.

It is alleged that, between November 25 and 29 last year, at Norrie Street in Dundee and elsewhere, Ironside had the intention of menacing Mr Thompson and putting him in a state of alarm and apprehension of public humiliation and personal reputational harm if he did not pay her £550.

The charge alleges that Ironside threatened to expose Mr Thompson’s alleged infidelity to the media and family members and extorted the cash from him by threats.

Sheriff Pino De Emidio granted the motion and continued the case until September 8 for service of the papers.