Dundee United boss Csaba Laszlo wants three-week winter break extended to lower leagues

Dundee United manager Csaba Laszlo

He’s very much a manager who plays the hand he’s dealt without complaint, but Dundee United’s Csaba Laszlo admits he’d be happy if Scottish football’s winter break was extended to the lower league.

From December 30, the Premiership club will have three weeks to rest and recuperate but, for the other three divisions, it will be business as usual.

He’s stressing he’s not making a big issue over that but Csaba does believe it would be nice to give all clubs that downtime.

As he works to get to know his players after taking over during a campaign, he knows a break this term would have been particularly useful.

Looking at a bigger picture, however, he sees it as useful on several fronts.

“It’s not just for me this season, I think for every manager it would be good,” he said ahead of Saturday’s game against Brechin at Glebe Park.

“The way it is, it is very tricky but I don’t have any problem if we play every week.

“Also, though, the human is not a machine so, if you can make it the winter time two weeks, maximum three, it would be good.

“I think you don’t need more than these two or three weeks but it is always good to recharge your batteries.

“Also, maybe the people before didn’t think too much about it but the transfer window is open in January and it would help to have the break then.

“The English clubs and the Scottish clubs, they don’t have the time to integrate players.

“You go and buy, maybe for a lot of money, a player but everything is going on and on and you don’t have this benefit.

“If you bring the new player in you want him to play but you have to integrate, even tactically.

“If you have let’s say Monday the player comes in and Wednesday there’s a game and Saturday the next game, it’s not easy.

“It can be frustrating for the managers and the teams because the time is very tight.”

And Csaba believes three weeks off in January would be just about right.

“A longer time would also be a bad thing but even three weeks would be OK.

“The players have maybe one week or five days off, then you come back, get ready and you have lost nothing.”