Dundee thug who sprayed CS gas in policeman’s face then reached for cleaver​ jailed

Josh Bray
Josh Bray

A thug who sprayed a police constable in the face with CS gas before trying to grab for a meat cleaver as the brave officer tried to arrest him has been jailed for more than three years.

Josh Bray

Police rushed to Hilltown after a taxi driver spotted Josh Bray carrying the cleaver and a metal pole as he got out of the cab.

When PCs Lee Ford-Logie and Shaunni Morris arrived they found Bray standing in the street.

He immediately began reaching for the waistband of his shorts where the weapons were stashed when police approached.

The officers urged him to show his hands before PC Ford-Logie drew his incapacitant spray and fired it at Bray as he refused to comply.

Fiscal depute Saima Rasheed told Dundee Sheriff Court that instead of dropping his weapons, Bray instead reached into his pocket and pulled out his own canister of CS gas.

He then shouted: “You wanting sprayed you p****?”

Miss Rasheed said: “He sprayed Constable Ford-Logie in the face and eyes with CS spray.

“The constable couldn’t see from his right eye at that time and the accused refused to desist.

“Constables Morris and Ford-Logie struck the accused a number of times with a baton.

“The accused continued to resist and was shouting and swearing and trying to reach for the meat cleaver in his shorts.

“Constable Ford-Logie managed to get one of his hands into a rigid handcuff.

“He repeatedly refused to release the CS canister from his other hand and continued to make repeated efforts to reach for the cleaver in his waistband.

“Several officers then arrived and the accused was secured on the ground. The meat cleaver was then recovered.”

Bray, 23, a prisoner at HMP Perth, pleaded guilty on indictment.

Defence solicitor Stuart Hamilton told the court that Bray “wished to express his remorse towards the two officers”.

He added: “He had been given warnings by police of threats against him. On the day he had been awake for five straight days drinking alcohol and taking drugs because he was afraid to sleep.

“He has no excuse for the behaviour towards the officers.”

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael jailed Bray for three years and four months – and said it would have been five years but for his early plea.

He said: “These officers displayed commendable discipline in a situation of unpredictability and aggression on your part.”