Dundee teenager locked up for six months after failing to do community payback

Offenders on Community Payback Orders.

A teenager who failed to comply with a community payback order was sent to detention for six months by Sheriff Alastair Brown.

Christopher Robertson, 18, of Nethergate, previously admitting breaching the order that had been imposed for a series of offences dating back to July last year.

Robertson had admitted assaulting PC Ramsay Scott by kicking him on the body on September 14 2016. He also admitted breaching his bail curfew on three occasions — November 3, 4 and 6 2016.

Robertson further admitted possessing a knife and resisting arrest by two police officers at High Street on September 14 2016.

He also admitted that he repeatedly struck a security camera with a drainpipe and damaged it at Rankine’s Court on July 29 2016.