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Dundee taxi drivers’ rage after council allegedly hand out their personal details to rival company

Taxi drivers in Dundee are furious after the council allegedly handed out their personal details to a firm attempting to poach them.

Union bosses are concerned that Dundee City Council has breached data protection laws by giving out drivers’ names and address to rival company Dundee City Taxis.

At least four drivers have received the letter encouraging them to join the firm, listing reasons to do so.

The Tele understands that a list of taxi operators can be purchased directly from Dundee’s licensing board for £40 – something many drivers appear to be unaware of.

Chris Elder, local taxi rep at trade union Unite, plans to raise the issue with the council at the next meeting of the city’s taxi liaison group.

“I don’t think it’s right that a company can do this,” he said.

“The drivers aren’t happy that their names and addresses can be given out. The council should be asking people what they want the information for.

“On top of that, the council should inform the drivers if someone has asked for your details. Otherwise all the council will do is create a lot of animosity with the drivers.”

The letters were sent out by Dundee City Taxis boss Qaiser Habib, who also spells his name Kaiser.

Jim Heron, a self-employed taxi driver for 505050, said: “I don’t know why he sent the letters, I don’t really care about that, what I care about is the fact the council gave out my address.

“I phoned him up and he said the got my address from the council, he seemed to find it hilarious.”

Mr Heron said he then phoned the licencing office at the council who confirmed they had given out his name and address.

He said: “The woman I spoke to didn’t seem to think there was a problem.

“It’s the fact they seem to think it’s normal to hand out these details, and a bit of a joke that I’m complaining about. It’s disturbing.

“I wouldn’t have thought they would be allowed to do that under data protection – surely that’s a breach.”

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A Dundee City Council spokesman said taxi drivers’ details were available because their applications for licenses were heard in public.

He said: “Taxi licence applications are dealt with in public by the licensing committee.

“Names and addresses are included on the agenda.”

Taxi operator Mr Habib has been approached for comment.