Dundee staff give ‘clear message of no confidence’ after being told they have to move to Forfar

The Yeaman Shore office is to close

Staff at the assessor’s office in Dundee have hit out after being told they will be relocated to Forfar.

Tayside Joint Valuation Board voted in favour of closing the Yeaman Shore office last month, transferring the 25 jobs to the Angus town.

Now staff from the Dundee office have written an open letter outlining their anger at the move.

The letter, addressed to the clerk to the board Roger Mennie, said the staff felt “very strongly” about the decision.

The staff said the closure sent out a “clear message of no confidence” in the councillors on the board.

The letter outlined several points they want to be addressed and requested more information about how the decision was made, given it had a “massive devastating” impact on Dundee division workers.

Public transport to Forfar was another issue highlighted, with the letter stating some staff would need to travel on “three or four” buses a day to get to Forfar’s Orchardbank.

Parking spaces there are said to be limited.

And they are of the opinion, given the “lack of information” provided, the savings that will be made do not take into account the “total disruption” to Dundee workers.

The board has three offices covering Tayside — in Dundee, Perth and Forfar.

The six Dundee councillors on the board voted to retain the city office but were outvoted by the nine other board members, who represent Angus and Perth and Kinross councils.

Although the move will not involve job losses, staff must transfer to Forfar.

A Dundee City Council spokeswoman said: “We have received a letter and the clerk will reply in due course.”