Dundee shopkeeper ‘still feels worried at work’ after racist attack

The Khalid Convenience Store in Mid Craigie

A Dundee shopkeeper has told how he feared for his life during a New Year’s Day attack.

Abdul Khaliq was assaulted, robbed and targeted with racist abuse at his shop in Mid Craigie by Thomas Henderson, 25.

Mr Khaliq said he had been left terrified following the incident and claimed Henderson threatened to harm him further.

He said: “It was a very scary incident that left me very frightened.

“The man was punching me and telling me he would cut my throat.

“It felt like the whole attack lasted a long time. It was a very upsetting experience that has had a lasting effect on me.

“It took me some time to recover from the incident and I still feel worried when I’m working in the shop.”

As the Tele revealed, Mr Khaliq was working alone in Khalid Convenience Store in Mauchline Avenue on January 1 at 3.30pm when Henderson entered the shop.

Mr Khaliq said: “The man burst into the shop and began pushing things over and running up and down the aisles

“The whole time he was shouting racist abuse and throwing biscuits at me.”

He said that Henderson then stood on the opposite side of the counter and tried to grab the till, but he held on to it.

Mr Khaliq said: “He then came behind the counter, punched me and threw me to the ground. He told me he wanted to cut my throat. I was really frightened that he might actually do that.”

Mr Khaliq revealed that he managed to contact the police during Henderson’s rampage.

He said: “The man was continuing with his attack but other people told him to stop because the police were on their way.”

Two customers were in the shop at the time but Mr Khaliq said they were “too frightened to intervene”.

Henderson eventually took off and ran along the street but was later traced nearby, when he attacked a police officer.

Henderson, a prisoner at Perth, appeared at Dundee Sheriff Court where he admitted charges of assault, assault and robbery, police assault and aggressive behaviour.

Sentence was deferred until May 2.