Dundee sheriff questions why domestic case called in court when victim did not report abuse to police

Sheriff Alastair Brown

A Dundee sheriff has questioned whether a domestic abuse case should have been pursued by prosecutors when it called in court.

Marcin Szejpun, 33, called his ex-partner a “whore” and behaved in a horrible manner that went “well beyond” any sensible conduct, Sheriff Alastair Brown said.

At the city’s sheriff court, Szejpun admitted that on September 29 last year, at Longhaugh Road, Fintry, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner likely to cause fear or alarm, shouted, swore, acted in an aggressive manner towards Jowita Eugenia Krol, his ex-partner, uttered threats of violence towards her and damaged household items.

Solicitor Anika Jethwa told the court that her client had been a garage owner and that he and his ex-partner had been living happily together for several years.

However, he went bankrupt and the relationship went on to suffer as a result, she said. Ms Jethwa added: “Things went downhill and he became extremely depressed.”

Sheriff Brown warned Szejpun he must treat his ex-partner properly or he would end up in court again.

The sheriff also removed special conditions of bail that prevented Szejpun from contacting his former partner and children.

He added: “However, what I am told leads me to believe this is an isolated incident, which your partner did not report to the police.

“I’m not sure that prosecution was the most constructive way in which to deal with this.

“It might or might not be that you will be able to repair the relationship.

“But the first thing will be to get rid of the special conditions of bail.

“It turns out there is no justification for them.”

Sheriff Brown told Szejpun he was deferring sentence on him for six months to be of good behaviour.

Szejpun was also told that if he did not get into any trouble, he would be admonished.

The sheriff deferred sentence until July 25.