Dundee all set to host first ever LGBT Pride event

Dundee’s LGBT community will rally together for the city’s first-ever Pride event this summer.

Organisers have revealed they are waiting on a final sign-off from Dundee City Council for the festivities, which will take place over one weekend.

Slessor Gardens was initially touted as a potential venue but the event is now set to take place in City Square.

Dundee joins Aberdeen in hosting a Pride event for the first time, more than 20 years since the first Glasgow and Edinburgh Prides were held in 1995.

Pride will be coming to Dundee more than 20 years since the first Glasgow and Edinburgh events in 1995.

Preparations are ongoing for the event, with Dundee Pride awaiting charitable status in the hope of receiving grant funding.

Fife-based charity Pink Saltire is helping to organise the event and previously carried out consultations with youth groups and other LGBT organisations in Dundee.

Stuart Duffy from the group believes a Dundee Pride event is “well overdue”.

He said: “It’s all been really positive, we’ve had lots of organisations and acts getting in touch to get involved, perform or have stalls.

“We’ve been working with Dundee City Council and we’re waiting on two possible dates but we’re definitely set for this summer.

Stuart Duffy

“Volunteers who were part of the initial consultation have stayed with us and they’re now in four separate working groups and they’re working on a lot of different things to get things ready.

“It’s all going well so far and it seems to be the right time for us to do it.

“There will be at least 10 planned Pride events right now in Scotland when there were four last year so there’s been an incredible increase.”

Stuart said the recent protest held after neo-Nazi posters appeared around the city showed it was ready for a Pride event. He said: “For a city the size of Dundee it’s well overdue.

“You see people out there with views that are in the minority and that was clear with the neo-Nazi posters taken down by people in the community.

“That protest wasn’t organised, it was simply people coming together to oppose it.

“Pride is an opportunity to celebrate where we are right now with equality and diversity in Scotland and particularly in local communities.

“We’ve made fantastic progress in law but that’s all in Parliament and the Edinburgh bubble. Things are different in smaller communities.

“Dundee has a small LGBT scene but it’s about people that want to celebrate diversity that we all welcome.”

The Dundee Pride group is hosting several events to drum up new ideas and volunteers including a “gin and drag” night at The Vine, Magdalen Place, tonight at 7pm.