Dundee schoolgirls hailed for ‘saving woman’s life’ after she collapsed in park

Gen Barker
Gen Barker

A Dundee woman who helped a dog walker who collapsed in a park has praised three Good Samaritan schoolgirls who came forward and “potentially saved the woman’s life”.

Gen Barker was driving along Drumlanrig Drive when she noticed the girls attending to a woman — believed to be in her fifties — who had fainted while walking her dog just after 8am.

The 33-year-old stopped and went to help the woman along with the three girls, who she said were doing a “brilliant” job.

Gen Barker

She told the Tele that the efforts of the girls potentially saved the woman’s life.

Gen said: “I was driving in the area, just after 8am yesterday, and saw three young girls around the woman.

“One looked to be in a Craigie High uniform, while the other two could be first-years, but I don’t know from what school.

“They potentially saved this woman’s life. They did a brilliant job of looking after her.

“I want to say a huge thank you to the three schoolgirls who managed to grab the lady and hold her up while no adults were about to help her and her dog.

“I didn’t catch their names but I think at least one was high school age.

“They didn’t know the lady and it may have made them late for school too.

“Their assistance was an incredible help for me to get the lady to a safe and warm place.

“If anyone knows who these girls are, I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

“The world needs more fast-acting, compassionate, selfless people and those girls may have prevented the situation from being much worse.”

Gen said the woman was now safe and recovering at home.

She added: “I worry that the girls’ school or parents may not believe why they were late, so, hopefully they might read this article.”