Dundee schoolboy Garvie suffers another setback in leukaemia fight

Brave Garvie Winter

Dundee youngster Garvie Winter has suffered another disappointing setback as he battles leukaemia.

His mum Haley says the treatment Garvie, 7, is currently undergoing has not worked as well as the family hoped it would.

She said: “The chemotherapy has not been as successful so far as the doctors had hoped.

“This is the third round of chemotherapy that has failed.

“Garvie has not been great for the last few weeks, although he is a little better at the moment.”

Meanwhile, Garvie’s aunt Cheryl Winter is trying to organise a fundraising event to help the family cope financially while Garvie is in hospital.

She said: “We would like to hold a charity night sometime in the middle of March and at the moment we are looking for recommendations about possible venues.”

Haley recently made a public appeal for someone to come forward who might be a bone marrow donor for her son.

Her plea resulted in hundreds of people from Dundee signing up to become donors.

Haley said that Garvie, who attends Fintry Primary School, is taking his illness in his stride.

She said: “He is being so brave and he is actually the one who is keeping the rest of us going.

“I’m trying to stay as positive as possible but it’s really hard.

“However, Garvie is staying strong, so I feel I have to stay strong for him as well.”

Garvie first started to feel unwell in October and seemed to be sleeping a lot.

He was forced to take a day off school because he felt “a bit off colour” before his illness was diagnosed.