Dundee school drill: security expert says kids should have been told beforehand

Some pupils at Craigie High School were said to have been "terrified".

A security expert has said school bosses should have given a briefing ahead of an emergency drill at a Dundee school.

Some children thought they were involved in a terror attack at Craigie High School on Monday with teachers telling pupils to hide under tables.

One parent told the Tele he feared for his son’s safety after the school was put “on lockdown”.

However, the incident turned out to be a drill should the school have to deal with an emergency situation.

Dr Sally Leivesley, a specialist in catastrophic and extreme risk, believed the drill could have been approached differently.

She said: “In most cases if it is a live exercise is about to happen a technical briefing would be beneficial to explain the process of what is about to be undertaken.

“Doing a discussion beforehand allows a child to ask questions about what is about to happen and it prevents the risk of any injuries as they carry out the drill.

“There is concerns around Britain of terrorists approaching schools as they may see them as a soft target so it is important to carry out these exercises for every eventuality.

“It would also be useful to do a walkthrough of the drill and debrief parents of the processes that schools are undertaking.”