Dundee restaurants’ alcohol bids opposed by local group

The Meat House on the Perth Road in Dundee’s West End.

A community group has opposed the plans of two Dundee restaurants to allow booze to be taken out of the premises.

The 172 At The Caird and The Meat House on Perth Road have submitted plans to the city council. Both applications are still be considered.

However, the West End Community Council has concerns over both proposals, saying there is an overprovision of alcohol sales in the area.

Sandra McDowall, of the community council, said: “We supported the Caird in getting the licence to accompany the high-end restaurant, as we felt it was just what the West End needed.

“Despite reservations that it would be turned into another pub, we submitted a letter of support as we believed it would be a great success. In light of what has happened in the last year, we have decided not to support the amendment to the application.”

Restaurant and bar manager of the Meat House Niamh Filan said they were looking to add alcohol sales with their recently established Deliveroo service.

She said: “We are only wanting to offer services which are already available at other eateries. The deliveries have been hugely successful and we are wanting to offer our customers the best experience we possibly can. We certainly wouldn’t be solely delivering alcohol.

“If customers came in to collect food, they could also take alcohol with their purchase. Dundee is a growing city and this is a side of the business is expanding. We certainly won’t be advertising customers to pick up a case of beer to take it away.”

Janet Hood, who represents The Caird, said: “The business will offer customers the chance to purchase high-end items.

“They may have a nice bottle of red with a meal and opt to purchase another bottle to take home. There is certainly no intention to have a display area, like a shop, to sell items.”

Richard McCready, councillor for the West End, said: “The major issue at the moment is once an off-sales licence is granted, there’s nothing that can be imposed to stop a company expanding on their off-sales policy. It’s a process at the moment where it is all or nothing and I certainly think there should be a review of this to incorporate a restricted licence policy for businesses.”

A spokeswoman for the council said the applications would be considered in due course.