Dundee residents hit out after lift breaks down at sheltered housing complex

Blackness Court in Dundee
Blackness Court in Dundee

Residents in a sheltered housing complex say they have been left housebound after a lift broke down.

Tenants in Blackness Court Sheltered Housing Complex have hit out after saying a lift has been out of action for more than two weeks.

They claim they have been unable to leave the building due to the fault.

William Hunter, 74, a top-floor resident, said the situation was a “total nightmare” and that he was unable to use the stairs having had two heart attacks.

Mr Hunter said: “You start to feel like they don’t care because it is sheltered housing and elderly people who are living here.

“Home Scotland haven’t even communicated with us.

“We don’t know when the lift will be back in order. It has broken down a few times before, but never for this long. This has had a significant impact on me and other residents.

“One woman, who lives across from me, has not been able to get out at all over the festive period.

“It is just shocking — we want answers, but we aren’t getting them.

“I tried to use the stairs, but I couldn’t breathe.

“There are people in wheelchairs with severe illnesses and none of them has been able to get out.

“I have tried to contact people about it for answers, but I haven’t had any response.”

Janice Brown, 65, who also lives on the top floor of the building, said: “I have had two knee replacements.

“There are more than 40 stairs to climb up and down.

“I am not physically able to do it, so I have not been able to leave the house.

“Something needs to be done about it. There has been no communication.

“All that has happened was a note being left on the lift.

“We haven’t been able to get out during the festive period.”

The Tele made repeated requests to Home Scotland for comment, but the group had not responded at the time of going to press.