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Dundee rapist made ‘derogatory’ remarks about his latest victims

Jordan Dunn

A rapist was detained for six years on Wednesday after attacking two teenagers in separate assaults.

Jordan Dunn first struck when he was aged 17 and carried out a second rape when he was 19.

At the High Court in Edinburgh, judge Lady Carmichael told Dunn: “Although you are only 20 years of age, your record of offending is already a cause for serious concern.”

Lady Carmichael pointed out that he had already been convicted of sexual offences involving older children.

The judge said that, in discussions with a social worker preparing a background report on Dunn, he had used “insulting and derogatory language” about his latest victims.

Lady Carmichael said that tended to reinforce an impression of him as “a young man with a troubling and distorted attitude to older girls and young women”.

She told him: “I accept immaturity and insecurity play a part in your presentation and in your offending and you may be assisted to overcome this by work undertaken in custody.”

The judge said she had reduced his sentence to six years from seven to take account of time on remand.

She also ordered that he be kept under supervision for a further four years when he can be returned to custody if he breaches licence conditions.

Dunn had originally faced five charges, including further allegations of rape and threatening or abusive behaviour at his flat on Swallowtail Court, Dundee, but was convicted of two rapes after an earlier trial.

His first sex attack took place at a house in Blairgowrie in the summer of 2015 on a victim who was aged 17.

Dunn struck again on May 11 last year when he attacked a 19-year-old in Dundee and raped her after trying to kiss her, pushing her and struggling with her.

Lady Carmichael told Dunn that, in fixing his sentence, she took into account that he was still a child at the time of the first rape “albeit towards the older end of the range of childhood”.

Dunn was also placed on the sex offenders register.