Life in Dundee nearly a century ago revealed in Tele from 1922 found hidden under plasterboard

A copy of an Evening Telegraph printed the best part of a century ago and stashed behind some plasterboard has been unearthed in an attic.

Lisa Stuart, 44, from Errol, first discovered the 96-year-old Tele six years ago.

The newspaper is dated June 1, 1922 – but pages five to nine are missing.

After finding it, Lisa stashed the paper in her attic and forgot all about it.

Now the NHS admin assistant has decided it is time it saw the light of day.

Lisa said: “I first found the copy of the paper six years ago when I was selling the flat I was living in on Canal Street in Perth.

“At the time, I decided to renovate the stairwell of the flat just to make it a bit more attractive for potential buyers.

“When I took off the old plasterboard to replace it I was amazed at what I found.

“There were old whisky bottles as well as the copy of the Tele.

“Although I was really interested at the time, because I was so busy, the find got put into the attic of my new home.

“I had never given it any thought since then but when I was in the attic and found it again I decided it was time to bring the newspaper out and let other people know about it.”

Lisa said she now plans to have a proper sit down to see what the top news stories of the day were.

“I put the pages on the Auld Perth Bairns Facebook group and already I have had a huge amount of interest,” she said.

“People are always very keen in particular to see the old adverts which often give a very good indication of life at the time.

“I’m keen now to read the paper more closely and find out what the hot news stories were at the time.”