Yup, that’s all LEGO! – Brick Wonders exhibition comes to local Abbey

Excitement was building at Arbroath Abbey at the weekend — with people of all ages turning out for the launch of a special Lego exhibition.

Brick Wonders will be on display at the historic site until Sunday July 8.

Created by Lego artist Warren Elsmore and his team of designers, the exhibition focuses on everything from the seven wonders of the ancient world, to scientific discoveries, such as the Big Bang Theory and DNA.

Kirsten Bedigan from Warren Elsmore putting the finishing touches to Old London Bridge.

Warren said: “We love transforming the world around us into Lego scenes. It’s a fun way to translate history into a medium that everyone can understand and relate to, especially young people.

“Forget dry lists of kings or endless battle dates — this is history brought to life. It’s great when we see visitors making that instant connection with our projects and hope it will inspire them to learn even more about our history.”

Items on display include the Temple of Artemis, the Great Pyramid, the Great Wall of China, the International Space Station, a sea turtle in a mock aquarium, and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.

Zoe Smith, 7, and her brother Ronan, 5, from Dundee, looking at the underwater scene, made in Lego bricks, at the Brick Wonders exhibition at Arbroath Abbey.
The Great Wall of China in Lego.
An operating theatre scene.
A Savannah Scene.
A sea turtle in a mock aquarium.
Ronan Smith, 5, from Dundee looking at the Mausoleum Of Halicarnassus. 
Zoe Smith, 7, from Dundee looking at the Lighthouse of Alexandria. 
Kirsten Bedigan from Warren Elsmore putting the finishing touches to the Temple of Artemis.