Dundee writer stunned as woman who lived in same street turns up at Las Vegas hotel with his book

Dundee resident Tony Camilleri got the shock of his life on a recent visit to Las Vegas.

Tony, who works for Taylor Wimpey, was in the Trump International Hotel when he was contacted by Christy Laden on social media.

Like Tony, she is originally from Perth, and — when she and Tony met — he was astonished to find Christy had a copy of his book, Hunters Wee Stories From The Crescent.

The book is about Tony’s life growing up in the Fair City’s Hunter Crescent.

Since being published by Tippermuir Books late last year, it has sold very well, having had several reprints.

Tony, who lives in Downfield, said: “I couldn’t believe it when Christy got in contact with me and was totally astonished when she turned up in the foyer of Trump International with a copy of my book.

He said someone must have told her he was heading over to Vegas for a holiday, as her message came out of the blue.

“It turns out Christy is also a former resident of Hunter Crescent who moved to America about 30 years ago. We had a wee chat about the good old days.

“I didn’t know but she actually knew my mother.”