VIDEO: Dundee five-piece band Th13ves’ first ever headline gig is a sell-out

Not many bands can say their first ever headline show was a sell out.

But Th13ves have accomplished maximum capacity at a home town gig less than 48 hours after tickets went on sale.

The five-piece Dundee band are made up of mates who have been part of the local music scene for more than 10 years.

The Th13ves – Paddy, Gogs, Alan, Ronny and Michael – at the Magic Box Studios

They head to city centre venue Conroy’s Basement on March 30 for their first headline gig.

Fronting the band is Alan Turner on vocals and guitar, joining him is Ronnie Falconer (or OG Falconer, as he likes to be known) on bass and vocals, Paddy Brown is on lead guitar, Gogz McInally is on drums and newest recruit Michael Clenaghan is on keyboard.

Having gigged just four times in their brief existence, the band have made a name for themselves already having played gigs in iconic venues like King Tuts in Glasgow and Church in the City of Discovery.

Now they are taking on a sell-out crowd alongside support from fellow local bands Novella and Plasmas.

Alan said: “We definitely never expected this to happen.

“We gave our support bands an allocation of tickets to sell but we even had to take them back as there was so much interest.

“It must be the first time in a while a local unsigned band has sold out a venue so quickly.”

Paddy added: “It’s not even just our pals buying tickets anymore. People from all over are coming to Dundee to hear us play.

“We used to be begging our pals to come and now we don’t have to.”

Alan added that although they have received masses of support it still seems that the people of Dundee could do more to back its local music scene.

“Dundee has some really good musicians, including Billy Mitchell, Echo Machine, Novella, Plasmas, Sahara and Beta Waves to name just a few, but it sometimes feels like the city isn’t behind the music scene anymore.

“There are lots of venues shutting down and nobody is really coming out to gigs anymore.

“It is shocking to us as well that we have Slessor Gardens here in the city centre yet it is not being utilised enough.

“By selling out our gig, though, it shows that people in Dundee do want to hear this kind of music.

“We are really looking forward to it but there will be a bit of expectation for us now. Hopefully our new single Angel will be released shortly before the gig too.

“Although we have only been together for around a year we are all experienced musicians and know what to do which makes it great fun for us.”

Ronnie added: “We have actually all been in 13 bands collectively which explains the name.

“We all got into this band just to have some fun and we didn’t put any pressure on ourselves to get a record deal.

“We just wanted to play music together then we got our first gig supporting Kyle Falconer in Dundee, so it has all snowballed from there.”

As well as their Dundee date the boys will be heading to Inverness in April to play alongside Highland band The Roov.

And they will be going back to Glasgow to play at Priory on May 18 with Novella joining them as well as one other special guest which will be announced soon. They are also collaborating with a new local clothing business, Indie Girls Dream, to produce their first collection of merchandise.

Alan added: “The T-shirts and merchandise are looking really cool and it’s good that Indie Girls Dream is a Dundee business that we are supporting.

“Scotty, Dan and Troy, who run Magic Box Studios, are also fantastic and Scotty has definitely made the singles we have released so far what they are. He is extremely talented and this studio is definitely something that is keeping Dundee’s music scene alive too.”

Ronnie added: “This year we just want to keep doing some gigs and hopefully some festivals in the summer too.

“There is no pressure. We are just enjoying the ride and we will see what happens.”