TRYING TO FIND: Calling the students of Dundee school’s campus merge

Messages on Facebook and the nostalgia of catching up with friends again has prompted a former Dundee student to organise a school reunion.

Elisabeth Kerr went to Dundee’s Lawside Academy during the time its two campuses were combined in 1965 and years later reconnected with friends on Facebook through the Dundee School Photographs group.

“We all joined that particular group and were emailing back and forth and getting quite nostalgic and said we should all get together,” she said, and the idea of a reunion was born.

Lawside Academy was the sole Senior R.C. Secondary School at the time, she said, and with pupils travelling from Arbroath, Perth, Blairgowrie and everywhere in-between it meant there was an incredibly varied catchment of pupils and their experiences.

“It was a wonderful amalgam and couldn’t be replicated.

“It was almost like a cauldron of intelligence, skills, ability, ambition and a very healthy competitive aspect, yet it had such an incredibly unified and cohesive vibe,” she said.

“My own perception is that there were so many different facets of life suddenly coming together in that one pot it seems, now, almost like a different time.”

The merger meant the school finally had a stage and an auditorium which made it possible to produce events such as two musical productions.

“This was also another example of the new unity in that there was a whole school orchestra available, too,” she said.

“The first production was “The Mikado” and the second, two years later, was “The Pirates of Penzance”.”

As the group involved in the merge covered a range of years, Elisabeth had decided to include everyone who had been at the school between 1961-65.

She wasn’t sure how many people would be able to make it to the reunion, as the people who had already been in touch with her were spread over Facebook and email making it hard work out, but hoped to have around 100 people there.

It was more difficult trying to find the women whose names had changed, she said, as everyone from school knew their maiden names.

“I have tried to find “Lawside School” Records but, of course, the school, as Lawside, has now ceased to exist and I have been unable to locate any Lawside School Archives.”

But she was hoping the people they were able to make contact with would know others they could pass the message on to.

Elisabeth, who now lives in Bristol and works in IT for the NHS, said she was looking forward to seeing what everyone had been up to since they had left, as well as reminiscing about their time at the school.

“It was a very happy time for most of us.

“I used to be up there quite regularly but my parents have passed away so I’m not back up as often.

“One of the most interesting things is where everybody is now and what they’ve been up to.”

Details of the reunion would be firmed up when she had a better idea of who was coming

She asked everyone interested to get in touch with her on Facebook, through Dundee Schools Photographs or via message, via email ( or by giving her a call on 07867 984897 or 0117 970 2958.

Her postal address is:
130 Westons Brake,
Badminton Park,
South Glos
BS16 7BP