REVEALED: Mystery snow clearers who helped elderly folk come forward after Tele appeal

The mystery group who gave up their Sunday to clear snow have come forward.

On Monday, Forthill Sheltered Housing tenant Margaret Weir wrote to the Evening Telegraph thanking the people who had shovelled snow the day before.

“On behalf of the Tenants of the Forthill Sheltered Housing I would like to thank the young children and the adults who were with them for giving up there Sunday to come and clear our paths and entrances to our homes of all the snow,” she said.

“Still lying about after the recent weather,we are very grateful to you all and we wondered if you came from a church group or a pacific school group so a personal letter of thanks may be sent for the lovely thought you all took part in.”

On Friday, Broughty United Youth FC president Harry Locherty replied to Margaret’s letter and said he was proud to say they were responsible for the act of kindness.

He said he had been clearing snow on the Friday when he had the idea of getting the players involved as their football games had been called off.

He said the people they had helped had been grateful for the help.

“It’s good to get in and help in the community,” he said.

“A lot of them were really appreciative but they were a bit surprised we weren’t taking donations.

“A lot of them were coming out with money and we said that’s not what we’re doing it for.”

Instead, Harry said it was about getting the boys involved in the community and teaching them good character.

“We’re trying to learn these boys for life,” he said.

“It’s about being the team and then that team being part of the community.”