REVEALED: Dundee’s most influential person has been announced

Photo: Dundee Culture

Dundee’s most influential people have been revealed in a city teen’s snap poll, which received nearly 2,000 votes.

Andrew Batchelor runs the Dundee Culture website and originally decided to ask the question about the town’s most influential women before widening it out to include anyone from Dundee.

Andrew Batchelor

He started with a list of 25 people who could be voted for in an online poll but as voters suggested more people, the list grew to 35.

“There’s a lot of people from the city who are influential in what they do and I wanted to see what people thought, who they think is influential in the city,” the 17-year-old said.

Andrew said it was quite interesting to see the results, with some unexpected people doing well and others he hadn’t really heard of.

Michael Marra, known as the “Bard of Dundee”, came out on top of the poll for his influence in Dundee’s music scene, with video-game developer Mike Daily coming in a second for creating the original prototype for Grand Theft Auto.

Chris van der Kuyl, the chairman of game developers 4J Studios, rounded out the top three while children’s author Pamela Butchart was the highest-ranked woman in fourth.

1. Michael Marra

Michael Marra

2. Mike Dailly
3. Chris van der Kuyl
4. Pamela Butchart
5. John Alexander
= 5. Brian Cox
7. Edward ‘Fast Eddie’ Lafferty
8. David Narey

David Narey in action for Dundee United in 1986

9. Gillian Easson
10. Neil Forsyth
11. Ricky Ross
12. Martel Maxwell
=12. Lesley Riddoch
14. Sheena Wellington
15. Gary Robertson

Gary Robertson

16. Eilish McColgan
17. Lorraine Wilson
18. Bobby Cox
19. David Jones
=19. Joe Fitzpatrick
21. Jenny Marra
=21. Hayley Scanlan
23. Gary Clark

Gary Clark

=23. Stewart Hosie
25. Kyle Falconer
26. A.L Kennedy
27. Danny Wallace
28. Stella Carrington
=28. Chris Law
30. Mike Stirling
31. Liz McColgan
32. Professor Sue Black
=32. Lord Narendra Patel
34. Jim Spence
=34. Billy Mackenzie

Find out more about the list on the Dundee Culture website.