From Django Unchained to tears down the aisle, for Daniel and Becky it was meant to be

Tears were flowing as Becky Payne walked down the aisle ready to tie the knot.

But it wasn’t Becky crying, it was her soon-to-be husband Daniel Yurdakol who wept when his stunning bride came into view at the ceremony at Dunkeld House Hotel.

The sport and fitness lecturer from Perth had proposed just over a year earlier and now the day was finally upon them.

The scene for their romantic engagement was the iconic Old Course Hotel in St Andrews.

Although it was in the pipeline for months, when Daniel eventually got down on one knee it didn’t all go quite to plan.

Daniel and Becky

He said: “I had been planning the proposal for months and decided to do it just after Christmas in 2016 when we stayed in St Andrews.

“We had been for a lovely meal in Forgan’s and when we got back to the room I decided to do it then.

“Even with all my planning I forgot what I wanted to say, so although I proposed when I wanted to, the delivery was not quite what I had anticipated.”

It might not have been exactly to plan, but excited Becky still said yes.

The nurse at Perth Royal Infirmary said: “We had talked about getting engaged before and we were already living together at the time so it wasn’t too much of a surprise.

“It was still lovely though and I said yes straight away.”

Their romance had started four years earlier when they met at a mutual friend’s 21st birthday party.

Daniel, 32, made the first move and took his future wife to the cinema for their first date.

“Classic first date, right? I still remember that we went to see Django Unchained that night,” said Daniel.

Becky, 26, said: “From then on we were together and things blossomed.”

On July 6, after months of planning, admittedly mostly by Becky, the big day finally arrived, bringing with it the sunshine.

Becky said: “The weather was absolutely gorgeous.

“We had already planned an indoor area in case the weather wasn’t great, but it was amazing.

“Luckily the actual ceremony was in a shaded area so I wasn’t too hot in my dress.

“I was roasting when I was getting ready though, as the sun was beaming through the window of the bridal suite.

“Getting ready with my bridesmaids Catherine Payne, Emily Payne, Vicky Carter, Reagan Crawford and Arlene Cumming was probably one of my favourite parts of the day.”

Although the bride wasn’t feeling the heat, the groom certainly was in more ways than one.

“I was roasting in my kilt,” saiud Daniel. “My favourite part of the day was seeing Becky walk down the aisle, though I did cry.

“I was fine until I saw Becky’s sister Catherine and my bottom lip started to wobble but when I saw Becky and her dad Ronald come down that was it, I was away.”

Daniel was supported by best man Sam Mailer and ushers Josh Payne, Garry Brock and Michael Crawford, but it was humanist Lesley Anderson – and a couple of glasses of bubbly – that helped settle his nerves before his vows and the greatly anticipated speech.

He said: “Lesley was amazing. I don’t know how much she chatted to Becky before the wedding but she really helped me settle my nerves.

“Everyone has been saying how fantastic the ceremony was.

“I was a bit nervous before my speech but a few glasses of Prosecco helped that.

“I loved my speech. I thought it was really funny, although Becky doesn’t remember much of it.”

Becky added: “The whole day is just a bit of a blur, not just the speech.”

At the evening reception the newlyweds swayed across the dance floor to Tom Odell’s hit Grow Old With Me before the party was in full swing thanks to the band Sneaky Treacle.

The couple would like to thank them and photographers Burfly Photography, as well as their parents who helped with the planning.

Becky added: “Organising the wedding was quite stressful but it was all worthwhile in the end.”