New karate kids Isla and Jonathan make their mark

Isla McDougall and Jonathan Chung
Isla McDougall and Jonathan Chung

They are new kids on the karate block but Isla McDougall and Jonathan Chung have wasted no time in making their mark.

Both have only been with Perth’s Tora Kai club for six months but they have impressed everyone.

Isla McDougall (Perth Tora Kai Karate Club)

Instructor Cathy Clifford described Isla as “a wee star” and said of Jonathan: “He has the ability to go to the top of the karate tree.”

Despite her lack of experience, Isla – who is only seven – is a Scottish Championship silver medallist.

She was part of a large entry at the “Scottish” in Paisley and finished runner-up in the beginners’ section.

Cathy added: “Isla works very hard and we are very pleased with how she has come on at the club.”

Jonathan Chung (Perth Tora Kai Karate Club)

Perth High pupil Jonathan, 16, is the club’s Cadet Student of the Year – not bad for someone who has only been in the sport for a short time.

Cathy added: “Jonathan has done well and has had some tough contests against competitors with higher belts.

“In each case, he has acquitted himself well.

“Our club is very vibrant and we are delighted so many of our members are achieving high standards.

“The youngsters are among those doing well and that is a testimony to their commitment and determination.

“Isla and Jonathan are two recent examples.”