Dundee woman, 28, with severe hearing and sight problems has new lease of life thanks to guide dog Jumble

When it comes to inspiring Dundonians Lisa Halley and her guide dog Jumble certainly take the gold medal.

Lisa Halley and her dual guide dog Jumble

Lisa, a former St John’s High School student, was diagnosed with a rare condition called Usher’s syndrome, which is a form of deafness and blindness, when she was just 20.

Lisa, 28, has lost most of her sight with all of her side vision now completely gone, causing what is commonly known as tunnel vision.

For some people, a diagnosis like this could cause them to hide away and play safe, but Lisa is relishing new experiences, including undertaking the Dundee Kiltwalk in aid of Guide Dogs.

Lisa explains that her new lease of life is all down to guide dog Jumble, who she was paired with in 2016.

Jumble is a specially trained guide dog and hearing dog.

Lisa said: “I am hoping to do parts of the Kiltwalk with Jumble but it would be far too much for her to do the full 25 miles.

“My mum is going meet me near the end and give me Jumble so we can finish the last couple of miles together.

“I am doing the walk in aid of Guide Dogs as I just could not imagine my life without Jumble.

“She gave me so much happiness and confidence back after I was diagnosed with Usher’s and I have Guide Dogs and her puppy walkers to thank for that.

“Jumble is so much more than a dog.

“She is my eyes, my ears but most importantly she is my best friend. I could never imagine my life without her right by my side.

“Since being paired in 2016 we started university together and we will hopefully graduate together in two years.

“I volunteer a lot with Jumble and we go on many adventures, like travelling to Paris – where I took part in the Disneyland Half Marathon with Jumble waiting for me at the start and the finish line – and so much more.

“I have lost most of my vision and my side vision has completely gone now but that just made me more determined to go on as many adventures as possible.

“I want to raise as much money and awareness for charities as I can as I want to help others. That’s my main goal.

“I raised more than £5,600 two years ago by doing the Grand Canyon Trek for Guide Dogs.

“Knowing the money I raised can help someone else receive a life changing, beautiful dog is the best gift I could receive.

“By doing this walk and raising money I am helping others receive the amazing gift which is my biggest goal in life as I just love helping people so much.”

Lisa will be embarking on the walk alongside Chris Quinn who says Lisa is “one of the most inspirational young people I know”.

Chris said: “This is just the latest great achievement of hers. Lisa has trekked the Grand Canyon, completed a tandem parachute jump and much more.

“She is brilliant and inspirational.”

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