From Holi to Bollywood dancing: The Indian Society president sharing her culture with Dundee

When Simran Chopra first moved to Scotland from India, it was the Indian Society at the University of Dundee that made her feel welcome.

Now, the 20-year-old is drawing from her experiences to help other international students who are moving to the city.

It was three years ago when the biomedical student first started at the University and she said having a society to join was really important.

“That was the whole reason that I joined the society in the first place in my first year because it gave a sense of belonging when I came to the UK,” she said.

“What the society did for me, I want to do for others.”

Now president of the society, Simran is involved with organising events such as a Bollywood-Arabian Dance Class which the group held on Monday night with the Saudi Society for the University’s global week.

“Global week is a whole week where you can experience different cultures,” she said.

Simran ChopraEach day was dedicated to a different culture, including Asian, European, American and African.

“Each day covers something different like food or another cultural aspect,” she said.

“It’s to get people to experience a little bit about the culture.”

The society was also planning a Holi Festival of Colour for Sunday, after it was postponed twice.

“We were a bit unlucky with the weather for the last two weeks,” Simran said.

“It’s supposed to be with the welcoming of spring.”

She said it was important for people to be able to experience different cultures and she was happy to be able to help provide a chance to do that.

“I think Dundee is very good good at promoting different cultures and I think that’s very important for the home students as well as the international students,” she said.

“It’s also important that home students as well get to experience different cultures.

“I think our Holi has been a very successful event and people really do look forward to coming to it.”