Newlywed Dundee couple’s relationship already on the rocks (for romantic pictures)

Steve and Cheryl Whyte

On a rocky coast far away, beneath a sky the colour of steel, her wedding dress looked shockingly white as the wind whipped up the restless ocean and the vows were read.

It was like a scene from a fantasy legend, but it was actually one of the smallest weddings anyone could imagine — say hello to Steven and Cheryl Whyte.

Steven, 38, is from Craigiebank in Dundee and he’d be the first to admit his initial encounter with Cheryl Smith, 33, could have gone better.

He’s a mental health nurse at Murray Royal and Cheryl, who hails from Surrey but moved to Blairgowrie when she was 16, is a staff nurse at Ninewells Hospital.

They first met when mutual friends Scott and Vicki Dunbar invited them to their Dura Street home to watch Andy Murray playing at Wimbledon.

“First impressions weren’t stellar,” said Cheryl.

“He was a bit laddish, to be honest. And then we got into an argument about Andy Murray.”

Steven’s first impressions were rather different, however.

“She was hot,” said Steven.

They seem to be a couple who live in the moment, because by Christmas they were together and hopelessly in love.

They’re total foodies and so the first official date was to the highly regarded Castlehill in Exchange Street — and it’s become something of a tradition.

As time went by, the idea of getting married started to surface.

“I was never really too sold on the idea to start with,” said Steven.

“But if I did, I wanted it to be some sort of low-key affair.”

“I’d been to a wedding fair with a friend and was talking about all the options and just flippantly said we could go to Skye,” said Cheryl.

“It turned out Steven had been thinking the exact same thing — so that’s what happened.”

The ceremony was an intimate occasion in the ruins of Dunscaith Castle, which is perched precariously on the rugged coast of Skye.

Scott and Vicki were the best man and bridesmaid — Scott’s a pal from Steven’s school days, while Vicki and Cheryl are nursing pals.

The ceremony was conducted by a local registrar and a photographer came along to capture what has to be one of the most captivatingly uncomplicated weddings ever.

The party stayed at Kinloch Lodge — “Bloody Marys for breakfast. It was a happy time,” said Steven.

A while later, there was a reception back home for the wider family and friends — and what an event it was.

The theme was “ice and fire” and, no, it had nothing to do with Game Of Thrones.

“Ice because the actual wedding was freezing,” says Cheryl. “And fire because there’s nothing Steven likes better than a beach walk that ends with building a little fire from the driftwood and just enjoying the moment.”

The reception was held in Wellbank Village Hall, but was essentially an outdoor occasion with fire pits, an amazing fire act from Eric Lattimer of Circus Scotland and sensational barbecue courtesy of Wild & Smoky.

Angela Bell Photography captured the joyful craziness and it was a day no one who attended will ever forget.

Now, Steven and Cheryl are man and wife and have a cosy home in the Clepington area that they share with terrier Kujo and the ducks, Waddell and Donn.

What an awesome couple!