Dundee pensioner hits out at ‘jungle’ outside home

Ian McLaren at his home with the overgrown bushes. The 82-year-old says he cannot tidy the area any longer and has called for something to be done.

A Dundee pensioner has said that an area of ground next to his home had become “like a jungle” due to a lack of maintenance.

Ian McLaren, 82, who lives in Hillbank Gardens, told the Tele the area had become a complete eyesore and something needed to be done to tidy it up.

He said that the patch of ground in question was at the corner of Hillbank Road and Dens Road.

Mr McLaren said: “This area used to be kept tidy but recently nothing has been done and the area is a complete mess.

“It has got so bad that the bushes and other plants are growing over into people’s gardens and making them look untidy as well.

“The site is very obvious from the main road and everyone is talking about it.

“It’s not nice having an eyesore like this at the bottom of my garden.”

The unkept land outside Ian’s home.
The unkept land outside Ian’s home.

Mr McLaren said that, until recently, he did not mind helping to keep the area tidy.

He added: “But I’m 82 now and just not fit enough to be doing this work. It has got too much for me and I hate seeing it looking so scruffy.

“It really is badly neglected, with bramble bushes hanging over on to the pavement.

“The entire area looks untidy and overgrown.”

Mr McLaren said he has spoken to his local councillor, Helen Wright, because he was so upset about how the area was looking.

Mrs Wright said: “Mr McLaren approached me about the state of the site right beside his home.

“I went for a look myself and completely agree with him that the area is a mess. It is totally overgrown and it’s obvious that no maintenance work has been carried out there for ages.”

Mrs Wright said she believed the ground belonged to the council but she had written to the council’s chief legal officer asking him to confirm that.

“If the land does belong to the council we need to tidy it up right away,” she said. “It has become a complete eyesore and is even encroaching on gardens in the area.

“If the land doesn’t belong to the council, I still believe we should do something about it.

“It is well within our rights to carry out the tidying up work and then bill whoever does own the land when we have found out who that is.

“We don’t want parts of the city ending up looking as untidy as this due to lack of proper maintenance.

“The council has a duty to keep areas like this as tidy as possible.”

The city council was approached for comment but hadn’t responded at the time of going to press.