Dundee murder trial verdict: Siobhan Russell GUILTY of killing Marie Low

Siobhan Russell was convicted of killing Marie Low

A woman was convicted of killing a Dundee mum in the street after she was found guilty of culpable homicide.


Siobhan Russell has been the subject of a murder trial for the last six days accused of striking 36-year-old Marie Low on the body with a knife at Ballantrae Terrace on September 4 last year.

The 30-year-old denied the charge, submitting a special defence of self-defence – stating that she had been defending herself after being attacked in the deceased and her eldest daughter Jamie-Lee at the time.

The jury returned their verdict by majority at 2.55pm today – finding Russell guilty of culpable homicide.

The charge was that she assaulted Marie Low, pulled her by the hair and struck her on the body with a knife and killed her. The jury ruled that she did so without provocation.

Russell will return to the court in January for sentencing.

Siobhan Russell
Marie Low

Jurors heard five days of evidence and then closing speeches from solicitors before coming to their verdict.

The trial centred around a confrontation between Russell and her victim on September 4 last year, outside of the accused’s Ballantrae Terrace flat.

According to witnesses, the pair had been involved in confrontations – including two alleged fist fights – in the days prior to the incident.

The court heard that Ms Low attended the property, along with daughter Jamie-Lee, 18, and a fight broke out – with Ms Low suffering a stab wound injury that eventually led to her death.

Russell’s defence team – headed by solicitor advocate Iain Cameron – argued that Russell had been defending herself during an attack from the deceased and Jamie-Lee.

Advocate depute Alan Cameron maintained that the evidence of the case showed that Russell had not acted in self defence stating that she had willingly involved herself in a confrontation and had taken the knife from her home – and subsequently used it.

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