DUNDEE MURDER TRIAL: Ninewells doctor ‘told us to stop doing CPR’ after being told of Gary’s condition

Lawton Road, Dundee, after the incident

A paramedic has told the Gary McMillan murder trial that the 44-year-old died of “multiple stab wounds”.

Lauren Kohler, 27, was giving evidence at the trial of Arran Fender, 31, who is accused of murdering Mr McMillan at the junction of Lawton Road and Lawton Terrace on May 16 2017.

Ms Kohler said she performed CPR on Mr McMillan from their arrival at the scene at 2.36am until she was ordered to stop at 2.52am.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard Mr McMillan suffered a cardiac arrest before being administered drugs by ambulance personnel.

She said: “We gave him shock pads, he had a weak pulse. Then I checked him for other wounds. He potentially had wounds underneath him that I had not seen.

“I asked one of the police officers to apply pressure to the wound on his leg. There was blood running down the street.

“While I was drawing up the drugs, he went into cardiac arrest and my colleague Karen gave him CPR.

“I phoned the doctor at Ninewells and after telling him about the patient’s condition, he told us to stop.”

Gary McMillan

A report written by Ms Kohler after Mr McMillan’s death stated that he died of multiple stab wounds.

Later, jurors heard from PC Jonathan Hamilton, one of the first officers to arrive on the scene.

Evidence was previously heard that Fender allegedly threw the knife near Mr McMillan’s body in front of two people who were the first to assist him.

PC Hamilton and three other colleagues were given keys to Mr McMillan’s flat by a woman standing nearby.

PC Hamilton said: “There were silver-handled knives in the kitchen that seemed similar to the knife in the street.”

The court was shown images of three silver knives in Mr McMillan’s flat, as well as a block containing one silver knife.

Fender denies inflicting blunt force trauma to Mr McMillan by repeatedly striking him on the body with a knife or similar instrument. He is also accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice by giving his mother, Annie Hamilton, clothes and footwear he had been wearing when he allegedly stabbed Mr McMillan before asking her to dispose of them in a bin chute at Lansdowne Court.

Fender further denies possessing a knife on May 15 2017 and threatening Mr McMillan with a knife between February 1 and March 31 2017.

The trial, before Judge Lady Carmichael, continues.