Dundee mum ‘still living in a dream’ after emotional reunion with sister on Saturday Night Takeaway

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A mum has said she still feels like she is in a “dream” after being reunited with her long-lost half-sister on prime time TV.

Diane Polson, 58, from Maryfield, was given a trio of surprises from her children on ITV’s Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

The surprises culminated with Diane, pictured inset, being reunited with her long-list sister — with the family all visibility emotional at the end.

Dec approaches Diane on the show

Brothers Craig and Kevin Polson revealed Saturday’s segment on the hit show had been months in the planning.

The family were originally scheduled to appear on the show around Mother’s Day, but Diane was taken into hospital with a heart problem.

Kevin and Craig, who work for Sturrock Comb and Davidson funeral directors in Dundee, revealed they had to tell their mum she would be getting a surprise from Kevin, Craig and their sister, Katie, although she never knew the full extent of what was going on.

A shocked Diane when she finds out her half-sister has been found

Kevin, 33, who performed with the Jersey Boys on the night, singing December, 1963 (Oh, What A Night) said: “It was supposed to be screened around Mother’s Day but both the family and the producers had to make sure mum was OK.

“She was aware she was getting a surprise from the three of us on Saturday night live TV. I performed with the Jersey Boys, which was an incredible experience.

“I’d been taking singing lessons for a few months but it was amazing to put on that red jacket — it’s been an overwhelming experience for the whole family.”

The Polson family in the green room with Saturday Night Takeaway presenter Declan Donnelly.

Katie was given conditioning physiotherapy to get over her fear of flying before appearing on a pre-recorded segment showing her flying in a plane.

Craig, 36, added: “I applied for the show over eight months ago and we mentioned to the producer it would be great to reunite mum with her sister, Carole Ann.

“I know my family had tried to find her in the past and had hit a brick wall. I met Carole Ann an hour before the show.

“It has been an incredible experience we can’t thank the producers and show enough.”

Diane said: “It still feels like I’m living in a dream at the moment. I can’t thank my family enough for what they have done.”