Dundee mum moved to tears as council confirms improvements to baby section of local cemetery

The Christmas tree at Birkhill Cemetery is set to become a regular annual fixture.

A bereaved Dundee mum said she has been moved to tears at the end of a five-year campaign for major improvements in a “forgotten corner” of a cemetery.

Lisa Williamson, 43, from Douglas, said she had been given reassurances by Dundee City Council that it was to carry out further improvements to the baby section of Birkhill Cemetery over the next two years.

She said a Christmas tree at the cemetery, where parents had placed baubles in memory of their children, would now become an annual event.

Speaking to the Tele, Lisa said: “I have just received word the council will carry out improvements to the cemetery over an extended period.

“I’m so happy to get this reassurance. I’m actually sitting here blubbering, I’ve been so moved by the news.

“The Christmas tree with baubles has been a very poignant part of this campaign and has shown that the families are working together to have improvements made to the cemetery.”

The Christmas tree at Birkhill Cemetery.

She said about 100 families had added decorations and messages.

Lisa, who laid twins Kaisha and Kenzie to rest in 2008, said there were times during the campaign that she wondered if they would ever reach this stage.

She added: “We even received death threats because families were worried their children’s graves would be tampered with.

“However, the council has reassured us that no graves will be disturbed.

“In some cases, memorabilia may have to be removed temporarily but will be put back.

“The council has also said it will offer counselling to families who feel they need it while the work is going on.”

Dundee City Council neighbourhood services convener Councillor Kevin Cordell said: “We have recently written to families explaining that we are planning environmental improvements to the baby area at Birkhill Cemetery.

“This will include works to the footpath and the surrounding landscape.

“Our intention is to create a dedicated area around each lair for memorabilia. This is intended to reduce the risk of damage to items and help with ongoing maintenance of the cemetery.

“Further improvement works are also proposed in the area around the communal wall, including the surfacing of the pathway.

“Following a number of suggestions, we have erected a Christmas tree near to the baby area for this festive season and it has proved to be very successful.

“We are considering planting a tree as a permanent arrangement.

“The plans will be on show at the cemetery and we would like to hear comments from families about our proposals.”