Dundee mum left sickened after internet trolls mock her dead son on Instagram

A Dundee mum has condemned the vile online trolls who mocked images of her dead son on social media.

Jennifer Gellatly, 32, spoke out after seeing some of the horrendous messages that were sent to her 13-year-old daughter Jessica and other family members via the internet.

Jessica uploaded pictures in memory of her brother Jayden, who died in 2016 just three days before his second birthday.

The Kirkton youngster died from endocarditis infection after battling a number of health issues, including extra fluid on his brain.

Jayden Gellatly

Speaking to the Tele, retail assistant Jennifer said trolls had targeted her daughter on Instagram for “cheap laughs”.

Messages telling Jennifer she should have had an abortion are believed to have been sent from as far afield as America.

Jennifer said her daughter had been targeted last year and as recently as a few weeks ago.

She said: “I was aware of trolls before this happened to Jessica. You could never imagine some of the disgusting things that people post.

Jayden died in 2016, just three days before his second birthday

“One advised my daughter that we should have gone to Planned Parenthood.

“The person went on to imply I should have had an abortion.

“Given the reference to Planned Parenthood, I immediately thought it had come from America.

“We’ve always found it a comfort to post pictures in Jayden’s memory and to see people having cheap laughs at someone else’s tragedy is just vile.”

Jennifer added: “The second instance was sickening — it was allegedly sent by a little girl and made references to what she would do at Jayden’s grave. How could a supposed child say that to another child?”

The mother-of-four said she had sympathy with social media platforms about trolls.

She said: “It must be hard for social media platforms to trace them — it could be a fake profile or fake names.

“I don’t think they will ever be able to stop people trolling.”

Jennifer Gellatly said her daughter had received sick comments from trolls

The former Baldragon Academy pupil added: “I wanted to speak out to make people aware of what we have experienced.

“It has been extremely upsetting for Jessica and the whole family.

“She has made her profile private and blocked people but why on earth would you mock anyone with a disability?

“My concern is other children receiving messages and not speaking to their parent or guardian.

“I urge parents to check their children’s accounts or at least ask them more about their accounts.

“I know it is hard for parents to control how children access social media as everything is so technology-driven.

“As a family we speak about Jayden nearly every day and I took pictures of his smiling face every day he was here. I would never tell my daughter to stop putting pictures of Jayden up.”

An Instagram spokeswoman said one user had been removed after the Tele highlighted the abuse sent to the family.

She said: “There is no place for abuse or harassment of any kind on Instagram, and we are sorry Jennifer and her family have had this experience.

“This account has been deleted for violating our community guidelines.”