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Dundee mum Jennie who died on her wedding day wrote heartfelt post urging women to get smear test

A mum-of-five with terminal cancer who died on her wedding day wrote a poignant unpublished social media message about her condition.

Jennie Cameron

Jennie Cameron, 32, from Mid Craigie, lost her battle with the disease on the same day she was due to wed fiance Francis Yule.

What was meant to be an afternoon wedding reception at the Ambassador Bar in Clepington Road instead became a celebration of her life, as the family gathered to toast the tragic mum.

Despite not exchanging vows, Jennie had still taken Francis’ surname in place of her maiden name of Cameron.

She wrote a poignant unpublished social media post urging women to get the smear test just two days after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Husband Francis found the message on Jennie’s old phone, and said he wanted to share her feelings after the diagnosis.

Francis Yule and Jennie Cameron

Jennie wrote: “So it’s with horrible crying great sadness I write this. I can’t believe I’m writing this post. Two days ago I got diagnosed with terminal cancer and have a year or two left.

“I can’t seem to understand it and comprehend it. My children are everything to me and I have to tell my small little beautiful people that mummy’s dying.

“I need to make as many memories with my little people so they always remember their mum. It’s breaking my heart writing this and I am a strong person.

“Please everyone get your smear test done, don’t wait.”

Cervical screening saves about 5,000 lives in the UK every year – but more than 100 women in Scotland are dying each year from the disease.

In Scotland, all women between the ages of 25 and 50 are offered a cervical screening test every three years and those between 50 and 65 are offered screening every five years.

NHS Tayside gynae cancer lead Dr Wendy McMullen said: “Sadly we have seen a drop in attendance for cervical screening recently and this is reflected in an increasing number of cervical cancers being diagnosed, such that tragically more than 100 women every year in Scotland now lose their life to cervical cancer.

“We know that eight out of 10 cervical cancers can be prevented by cervical screening, but sadly the uptake of cervical screening is dropping, especially in younger women, with more than three out of 10 women under the age of 35 being overdue for their smears.

“The Tayside colposcopy team is committed to the promotion of cervical screening and is particularly keen to encourage any women who have struggled with cervical smear tests to speak to someone about this.”

For more information and support visit Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust website at jostrust.org.uk or call 0808 802 8000.

You can also talk to your GP or visit NHS Tayside’s Facebook page Be Clear Have Your Smear.

Heartbreak as Dundee mum-of-five Jennie, 32, dies of cancer on her wedding day