Dundee mum breaks ankle while leaving Ibrox away end after receiving abuse from Rangers fans

A Dundee mum and Rangers supporter fell over and broke her ankle while leaving Ibrox, after receiving abuse from fans of her own team.

Claire Hamilton, 33, from Craigie, was left in excruciating pain after taking a fall outside the stadium following the final whistle of Saturday’s match.

She attended the game with her eight-year-old daughter Paige.

Although Claire is a Rangers fan, she was in the away support’s end as daughter Paige is an avid Dundee supporter.

Claire, who works at a butcher’s shop, said: “After the match, we were walking out of Ibrox when some Rangers fans started shouting abuse at us.

“Paige became really frightened so I picked her up and started to carry her to try to calm her down a bit.

“While I was lifting her up, I didn’t notice the step that was beside us and tumbled down it.

“As I had Paige in my arms, we landed on top of each other.”

Although Paige fell with her mum, she came away with only a small bruise on her back.

Claire Hamilton (33), pictured with daughter Paige Stewart, recovering at home from her injury

Claire not only suffered a broken ankle but also fainted directly after the accident.

She said: “Straight after the fall I tried to move, but I fainted.

“I woke up outside Ibrox wondering what was going on.”

Members of the stewarding team and the police saw what happened and rushed to Claire’s aid, before getting her back inside the stadium.

She was then taken to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Govan where she was treated for her injury.

Claire said: “The treatment at Ibrox was amazing. They took me inside and got an ambulance straight away. It really was helpful.

“Luckily Paige was able to get home safely with other Dundee fans.

“We went through on a supporters’ bus so while I went away to the hospital Paige travelled home with the other fans who we have got to know throughout the years.

“It was Paige’s first time at a match at Ibrox and she is quite shaken up about it all so she isn’t in a rush to go back.”

The doctors have advised Claire that she could be off work for up to six weeks. She has moved into her ex-partner’s house while recovering — and she is currently sleeping on the couch as she is unable to climb up and down the stairs.

She said: “It is handy to have other people around the house as having an eight-year-old and a broken ankle isn’t the best.”

Rangers won the match comfortably, defeating Neil McCann’s team 4-1.