Dundee mum, 36, chosen to travel across the globe and be the face of new super yachts

A Dundee model has been revealed as the face of a revolutionary new yacht.

Elaine Harris, of Broughty Ferry, took part in a photo shoot for the launch of the prototype SS18 The Spirit of M super glider yacht.

Elaine Harris

The 36-year-old mum described the experience as “amazing” and will now travel across the globe to promote the incredible-looking vessel.

Elaine said she was proud to have been part of the project which turned a few heads on the French Riviera.

The prototype The Spirit of M

She said: “It is amazing to be the face of such a revolutionary project, to have watched the yacht build go through its different stages and to be there at its launch at the most prestigious yacht show in Monaco.

“Along with its futuristic looks, it caused quite a stir and Monaco which is famed for its rich and famous was the perfect location for it.

“No one has ever seen a boat like this before.”

A computer generated image of The Limousine yacht and, right, Elaine Harris

With a price tag of £1m, the prototype can carry four people.

However, next month production will start on a new super yacht called The Limousine complete with a bathroom, kitchenette, space for your own crew members and 12 guests.

An artist’s impression of the inside of The Limousine yacht

Elaine said she could get used to the perks of her new job, adding: “I definitely enjoyed the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera and I’m really looking forward to next year where I will get out to lots of other exotic locations.”