Dundee mum, 27, accused of attacking her baby

Dundee Sheriff Court

A Dundee woman has been charged with assaulting her baby son to the danger of his life.

The 27-year-old woman, from Lochee, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is said to have shaken the youngster — who was just months old at the time of the alleged offence — to his severe injury.

She’s also charged with failing to seek medical help for him to the danger of his life.

And she is said to have neglected two children in her care — including by leaving knives and medication within their reach and failing to provide them with food and appropriate bedding.

Prosecutors allege that the woman, between dates in 2015 at an address in the Kirkton area, assaulted the boy by shaking him to his “severe injury and to the danger of his life”.

It’s further claimed that between the same dates, at the same address, Ninewells Hospital and elsewhere — with the knowledge that her son had sustained injury — she culpably and recklessly caused the child further unnecessary suffering or injury to health in that she failed to seek immediate and appropriate medical aid for the child, failed to disclose to 999 operators, paramedics and medical practitioners who later treated the child what had happened to him, and provided a false account as to how the child had become injured, all to his severe injury and to the danger of his life.

A third charge states that between dates in 2015, at the same address, the woman — having parental or care responsibilities for two children — wilfully neglected the youngsters in a manner likely to cause them unnecessary suffering or injury to health by failing to provide them with bedding, failing to ensure a cot was at an appropriate and safe level for one youngster, failing to provide appropriate stimulation such as toys and books, failing to provide enough food for the children, failing to treat head lice on one of the children when repeatedly informed of the issue by school staff, failing to provide the children with clean and fitting clothing and footwear, failing to maintain the property to a habitable and hygienic condition, leaving medication and knives within reach of the children, and failing to seek medical attention for a nappy rash suffered by one of the kids.

A fourth charge alleges that on a date in 2016, the woman had cannabis in her possession.

The case had been due to call at Dundee Sheriff Court but was adjourned until February 20.