Dundee man Wayne, 30, proposes to his partner on the same hill they saved a man’s life

Wayne McDonald and Katy Johnstone back at Balkello Hill

A Dundee man popped the question on the same hill that he and his partner saved a man’s life.

Wayne McDonald, 30, and his now fiancée Katy Johnston, 28, came to the rescue when Fergus Young, 82, was stranded near the top of Balkello Hill, just north of Dundee.

Fergus, a former geography lecturer, had tried to head back down the hill after twisting his ankle but suddenly felt dizzy and became lost and disoriented in heavy rain, until he caught sight of a man and a woman.

Fergus called for help and to his relief, Wayne and Katy came to his aid and helped guide him to the car park where his worried wife, Elizabeth, was waiting.

Now, the pair have returned to the hill, and this time Wayne was “sweating bullets” — not because of the physical effort, but because he was planning on popping the question at the summit.

He said: “It has been quite a special place for us ever since we saved Fergus.

“We decided to go back up the hill but Katy wasn’t expecting what happened.

“We got to the top and I got her to watch a video of pictures from our relationship.

“At the end of the video, it said for her to turn around — and I was down on one knee with the ring.

“It was about an hour’s walk to the top and I was sweating bullets the whole time.

“I was glad she said ‘Yes’ because it was a long walk for a ‘No’.”

Wayne, who works as a kitchen and bathroom designer, said that saving Fergus’ life had brought the couple closer together.

He said: “Being able to save someone is a miraculous thing. We still write to Fergus and tell him about things and how we are doing.

“It has brought us closer together as a couple — it isn’t something that happens every day.

“Fergus didn’t make it to the top, so we took some pictures for him. It is something we had always talked about doing.”

Wayne added that they have invited him to their wedding, which they are planning to have in 2020.

In the aftermath of the incident, Fergus contacted the Tele and asked for help in finding the couple who had saved his life.

The Tele then set about trying to track them down, eventually finding Wayne and arranging a meeting between the two at Wayne’s former workplace.