Dundee man ‘violated’ after Facebook post alerts thieves to him being on holiday

Eddie Ahmad's home was broken into while he was on holiday

A Dundee man whose house was broken into has warned people about the risks of sharing personal details online — something he thinks made him a target.

As reported in the Tele, Eddie Ahmad, from Lochee, returned from holiday to find police investigating after thieves ransacked his home.

Now, the 24-year-old has backed the Tele’s Safe As Houses campaign and spoken about the precautions he has taken to avoid falling victim to opportunist thieves again.

Eddie said: “I came back from two weeks in Marmaris and police were in the house. Since then, I’ve changed the locks on my house. You feel violated with someone coming into your home like that. I had posted on Facebook about being on holiday and I think the break-in was linked to that.

“I wrote that I was on the beach, drinking cocktails or something like that and I think someone has seen it and known the flat was empty — it was an easy steal for them.

“I’ve updated my Facebook settings since then and don’t share too much online anymore. People go on sites such as Facebook and Instagram, but don’t realise who all is reading what they’re up to.”

The culprits behind the October raid have never been traced.

With no home insurance, the stolen items and damage caused left Eddie about £2,000 out of pocket.

He said: “For anyone going on holiday, I’d suggest leaving a key with someone you trust and getting them to check on the place as often as they can. The next time I’m away, I’m going to take any valuables out of my house and leave them with family.

“Don’t announce you’re going to be out, or make it obvious. Don’t make yourself an easy target.”

The Safe as Houses campaign, sponsored by Kean2Slaters, was launched by the Tele in a bid to ensure city residents are as vigilant as they can be and don’t fall victim to criminals.

Have you been a victim? Contact us at SafeasHouses@dctmedia.co.uk, or on 01382 575017.

Eddie returns home from holiday to find police in his Dundee flat after break-in