Dundee man with stun gun and live ammunition at home ‘caught bang to rights’

Derwent Avenue (stock image)
Derwent Avenue (stock image)

A man who was found with a stun gun in his house along with live ammunition for a rifle without a licence had sentence deferred by Sheriff Lorna Drummond.

Paul Campbell, 47, of Derwent Avenue, admitted possessing the electronic weapon on May 13 at his home, and possessing ammunition without a firearms certificate.

Fiscal depute Nicola Gillespie told the court police attended his house with a search warrant and he told them “it’s here”.

A pouch containing a stun gun was then recovered.

She said: “The search also revealed a bag containing 32 live .22 cartridges for a long rifle and a plastic tub containing three live cartridges.

“The stun gun requires a permit from the secretary of state.”

She said a firearms report stated the “defensive” stun gun was an electronic style weapon and was in working order.

She said when used in the open air it fired sparks and when pressed against flesh it emitted high voltage shocks.

Campbell said he had been “caught bang to rights”.

Solicitor advocate Jim Laverty said Campbell told police he had bought the stun gun at a car boot sale and found the ammunition while out fly-fishing.

Sheriff Drummond deferred sentence until March 19.

Campbell was granted bail.