Dundee man denies pushing his partner and compressing her neck

Laird Street, Dundee (stock image)
Laird Street, Dundee (stock image)

A Dundee man will face trial at Dundee Sheriff Court on assault and drink-driving charges this month.

Steven Cooney, 25, of Laird Street, denies that he assaulted his partner Beth Jowett by repeatedly pushing her on the body, causing her to fall, placed his arm around her neck and compressed her neck, all to her injury, at Laird Street on April 22.

He also denies behaving in a threatening or abusive manner likely to cause fear or alarm, shouting and preventing Ms Jowett from leaving the house and seizing her mobile phone at the same place on the same date.

Cooney further denies that he drove his vehicle with excess alcohol (49 mics) at Bruce Road on the same date.

Trial was fixed for June 19 and Cooney’s bail order was continued.