Dundee man has curfew lifted so he can go on holiday to Thailand

Pattaya City, Thailand

A man accused of assaulting another man, causing him to lose consciousness, was allowed a break in his curfew condition of bail to allow him to go on a pre-arranged holiday to Thailand.

Liam Fullerton, 23, of Mains Loan, denies assaulting Jatin Gidar by striking him on the head, causing him to fall to the ground, strike his head off the pavement and lose consciousness, to his injury, at West Marketgait on Sunday.

He also denies possession of cannabis at Mains Loan and possession of cocaine at police headquarters in Bell Street on the same date.

Trial was set for February 27 and Fullerton was placed on a curfew, between 8pm-7am, except between December 20 and January 9.

If he does not go on holiday, the curfew will remain in place.