Dundee man challenged brother to street fight over house ‘swindle’

Byron Crescent

A man sent threatening and abusive messages to his brother on Facebook after he thought his dad had been “swindled” out of his house by the brother.

Graham Wallace also challenged his brother Alan to a street fight after discovering their father had gifted his sibling the house.

When the complainer ignored his verbal threats and threw him out of his house, Wallace turned to social media after he was told his brother and his partner planned to sell the property.

Wallace, 34, of Newton Road, pleaded guilty to charges of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner and of sending messages that were grossly offensive, indecent or of a menacing character on January 2, at Byron Crescent.

Defence solicitor Kevin Hampton said: “His perception, rightly or wrongly, was that his father had been swindled.”

Sentence was deferred for a year for Wallace to be of good behaviour.