Dundee man attacked his ex then tried to pour milk over cops during seven-hour stand-off at his home

Stuart Gray
Stuart Gray

A Dundee man launched a drink-fuelled attack on his partner then tried to pour milk over police officers during a seven-hour stand-off at his home.

Stuart Gray, 38, also threw household items at them after locking himself in his house following a booze-up at a pal’s.

The city’s sheriff court heard Gray picked up his then-partner Joyce Higgins by the hair and dragged her across the ground.

She suffered knee and arm injuries outside the property the pair shared at the time on Densfield Court.

Fiscal depute Marie Irvine said the couple arrived home on July 15, having been drinking heavily at a friend’s house.

Stuart Gray

The fiscal said Gray grabbed his partner by the hair and dragged her across the driveway, adding: “She ran across the road to a neighbour’s home, who contacted 999.”

Police arrived at 2.05am but Gray refused to open the door to them until 8.49am.

The fiscal said: “He was verbally aggressive, shouted and swore at them and threatened them with violence.

“He said he was going to pour boiling water on them.

“He then poured milk out of the window and threw the carton at them. Then he threw a mug.”

Gray threw several other household objects, but none of them hit the officers.

Solicitor Ross Bennett said Gray had a “serious problem” with alcohol and had sought support from Jericho House, Artillery Lane, where he is now living.

Gray admitted assaulting Ms Higgins to her injury, abusive behaviour and two charges of assaulting five police officers by throwing various household items at them.

He was ordered to carry out 265 hours of unpaid work within a 12-month period and was also placed under 18 months’ supervision and placed on an alcohol treatment programme.