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Dundee man accused of stealing church-goer’s handbag during Sunday mass

Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Dundee

A man has been accused of stealing a church-goer’s handbag during Sunday mass.

Dean Moran, 37, of Clifton Blue Court, denies that on August 26, at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Finlarig Place, he stole a handbag.

He also denies that on the same date and location he had, or recently had in his possession tools or other objects, namely two screwdrivers, and it may be reasonably inferred that he intended to commit theft or had committed theft.

Sheriff Derek Reekie asked the procurator fiscal: “It’s alleged he entered the church during the day, during a service that was ongoing?” The fiscal confirmed that was case.

Moran’s defence agent said the accused was at the church as his grandparents’ funerals were held there and as such it was a place he regularly visited.

Trial was set for September 27, with an intermediate diet on September 13. Bail was denied and Moran remanded in custody.