Dundee man, 55, sexually assaulted two girls after inviting them to his house for a sleepover

Kevin Duncan

A man sexually assaulted two young girls after inviting them to his house for a sleepover.

Kevin Duncan, 55, admitted the potentially “very disturbing” offences at Dundee Sheriff Court.

The court heard Duncan was contacted by one of the teenage youngsters — whose mother he knew — who sent him an innocent text, which said the child hadn’t seen him for some time.

Duncan then invited the child to come to his home for some “fun” and said he would get his own kid to go out for the night so they could have a sleepover.

He sent the child text messages saying he wanted her to wear a specific top he liked and asked what she wanted to do.

Fiscal depute Charmaine Gilmartin told the court that the young teen agreed to come over if a friend could join them.

The fiscal added: “After school, the children told their mothers they were going to stay at a friend’s house and left.

“The accused offered them alcohol and they took it.

“They went to the bathroom at one point to discuss not feeling comfortable there and said they were not going to stay over.

“They decided to make their excuses and leave.”

The court heard one of the teens walked down the stairs, at which point the accused tried to grab the child’s bottom.

The fiscal said the other child then walked in before he grabbed the youngster’s bottom as well. Both backed away.

She continued: “The accused then answered one of the young girls’ mobile phones and spoke to her mother and said they were staying over.

“The mother thought the accused’s child was there and thought nothing of it. She then spoke to her child and told them to behave.

“A short time later, the complainers told the accused they were leaving.”

Duncan, of Logie Gardens, pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting both children in February at his home and further admitted intentionally meeting a child under 16 with the intention of engaging in unlawful sexual activity.

Defence solicitor George Donnelly said: “The initial text came out of the blue. That then started off a conversation that had never been rehearsed before.”

Sheriff Alastair Brown deferred sentence until March 5 for background reports. Duncan was released on bail and placed on the sex offenders register, with the sheriff calling the charges “very disturbing”.